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Some more tips and tricks to improve your smartphone photography

Another 7 Tips and tricks for improving your smartphone Photography A while back, I have published some tips and tricks for improving Smartphone photography. You can read it here: Tips and tricks to improve your smartphone Photography
Here are some more tips and tricks which I personally use to take your smartphone Photography to the next level.
1. Horizon Lines When taking pictures of landscapes, always ensure that the Horizon Line is properly horizontal. This will make sure that the image is much more realistic. Try to capture the horizon line correctly in camera. A crooked horizon can work in some scenes however, but I often found that having the horizon perfectly horizontal makes the scene much more powerful.
If you do manage to get that slightly of angle horizon line (as I always often do), you can correct it in post processing. I would recommend you use Snapseed. It is available on the Google Play Store.

2. Vertical Lines Similar to the Horizon Lines, having Vertical Lines can a…

Tips and Tricks for Product Photography on a budget

If you are like me, you probably do not have the deepest pockets to spend on expensive lighting equipment and additional camera accessories aside from your camera gear. Here are some tips and tricks I have experimented with my own projects on how to help you get into Product Photography on a budget.
1. Use Natural Light
Natural light is the cheapest way to light your product. Depending on the time of the day, the light can cast very long shadows or can be quite soft and diffused. It can be the No. 01 light source for your image.
In the image below, I've used a window as my light source. 

2. Use a light reflector
With Natural lighting as your main light source, consider using a reflector to reflect the natural light to fill in some of the dark shadows due to the single main light source. It is much preferable to use a neutral colored reflector to avoid having some of the color of the reflector being reflected onto the subject matter, which would need correcting in post processing.

Tips and Tricks to Improve your Smartphone Photography


I am here at Fotografiqa wondered, how do you improve your Smartphone Photography?

With smartphones getting better and better camera hardware, it is increasingly becoming viable tool to capture moments especially if are you are not lugging around your huge DSLR or mirrorless cameras around with you all the time. I believe there are several tips and tricks that I have personally come across to improve your smartphone Photography.

In this article, I will be using the Samsung S9+ as a reference. This is somewhat of a ‘improve smartphone photography tips and tricks’ as well as a smartphone camera review blog post.

I believe many of these tips and tricks is applicable with other modern smartphones from different manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei in their respective camera app.


1. This is not a scientific test by no means and it is only my opinion as an enthusiast.

2. For this example, I have used my Samsung S8+, Note 8 and Samsung S9+ to make thes…

Camera Shops in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

A list of Camera Shops in Johor Bahru, Malaysia Kedai Kamera di Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Are you trying to find a camera shop in JB? Well, look no further, here are some Camera Shops in Johor Bahru that you might want to check out. I have personally visited some of these places myself and I can recommend these shops if you are looking for:
Camera Bodies (New / Used) Camera Lenses (New / Used) Camera Accessories (New / Used)
Here are the list of camera shops in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

1.I am not endorsed by any of the shops listed below. I have personally purchased some camera gear at some of the shops mentioned and managed to come across the shops at some of the others.
2.This page will be updated from time to time if I do manage to come across new Camera Shops here in JB.
3.I’ll try to illustrate my experiences shopping at these shops.

DC House Photos Trading
This shop is situated in front of my old secondary school in Taman Sri Skudai. This shop specializes in DSLR equipment, partic…